Important Precautions to Take Before Buying a Domain Name

before buying domain name
Precautions to take before buying a domain name

Domain Name Front Running and Dishonest Domain Registrars

What is Domain Name Front Running?

Domain name front running has been existing for a very long time now. This occurs when some persons continuously monitors/registers domain names that is not his/hers. The domain names he/she is always registering is not for his/her own purpose, he/she does this so that the person inquiring the domain wont be able to buy it through domain registrars.

His/her intention is to sell the domain name to the interested person at a very exorbitant price. As we know that if the domain is really your company’s best choice, you will have no other choice than to buy it at that exorbitant price.

Before going to any registrar for a domain, you should make sure that you are very ready to buy the domain there, if not you might end up loosing your favorite domain to another person who will want to sell it to you at a very high prize.

Dishonest Domain Name Registrars

Dishonest domain registrars are those registrars that registers almost every domain name that comes across their database. For instance, if you go to a domain registrar simply to check the availability of a particular domain name, the domain you checked its availability will immediately be registered by them (domain registrar).

The secret behind that action is that they register the said domain so as to sell it at a very high prize to whoever that comes to buy it. This you don’t have any other alternative because even if you go to another registrar to buy the same domain name, they will still tell you that the domain name isn’t available, that it has been bought by another person.

Extra Precautions:

Never you post in a forum asking for people’s opinions on which particular domain is good for your website/blog.

Doing this exposes your favorite domain names to people buying it even before you do, they might not be willing to resell it to you even if you come with thousands of dollars asking for the domain. The reason is because good domain names are hard to get.

A senior friend of mine made this kind of mistake, giving away his nice/hard gotten domain to one of his friends doing the same business.

In order to escape this mistakes, I suggest you buy all the domain names of your choice, and then you can finally make a choice which one will be your favorite, then you are fit to ask the whole world, since you are the owner of all.

For domain registration, you can visit any of the domain name registrars like Godaddy and  (For those registering via Nigerian local banking system <teller>)

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