Wow Slider: How To Crack Wow Slider Version 8.7, 8.2 And Other Lower Versions.

This is a very precise write-up oh how you can own and remove the Wow Slider” water mark at the bottom of any slide created with this software, on a normal circumstance the water mark cannot be removed until a license fee is paid to The free version of “Wow Slider” used by website designers and developers to beautify their websites by adding image sliding features.

This particular tutorial focuses on how to crack WOW slider version 8.7, 8.2 and other lower versions, Wow Slider” which will be downloaded at

Now we can begin… How To Crack Wow Slider Version 8.7, 8.2 And Other Lower Versions.


Download Wow Slider


Wow Slider” which will be downloaded at, scroll down and click on “DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION” and you will be redirected to another web page asking you to create account with them (see image below).


After your account have been created, a download link will be sent to that particular email you created account with, click on the download link and immediately the download will start.


Install the WOW Slider after download (See images below).C:\Users\ceeceecomputerss\Desktop\examples\wow4.JPG  C:\Users\ceeceecomputerss\Desktop\examples\wow5.JPG

  And follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Launch the installed WOW Slider

Launch the installed WOW Slider program by going to “Start/All Programs/WOW Slider Folder and WOW Slider Installed Application””


Creating a New WOW Slide project for your website/blog

Firstly, create two folders named webimages” and webslide” on your desktop i.e. “webimages” will be the folder where you will paste the original images you are going to use in creating the WOW Slide while “webslide” is the folder that the WOW Slide application will save the finished work in.

To create the new WOW Slide, simply drag and drop the images from “webimages” to the interface of the WOW Slide Application.


Now you will see all the options available on the applications interface, we have the “Properties” adjust option, “Save HTML, Insert to page, Publish options” etc.. Use the “Properties” option to design the slide to your taste

After creating your slide, click on “Save HTML” menu bar located at the top of the WOW interface and save it in webslide” folder located at the desktop(One of the folders we created previously for this project). You can also use “Insert to page” to directly insert it to your website page or just click on “Publish” but for the purpose of this tutorial I suggest we use Save HTML” and immediately you browser will display the slide you created with WOW Slider.

But if you look very well you will see what I circled with red color which will be removed when you buy license from, so the purpose of this tutorial is to remove it without paying a dime.

Now go to the webslide” folder and open another folder named “engine1” and in this very folder, right-click on the file “wowslider” and open it with notepad.

Go to “Edit” menu and click on find, a dialog box will appear, type in “0 0 0 0” without the quotes in the find field and click on “Find Next“. Note: give single space in-between the zero integers.

Then scroll down till you see this line of code

radius”:”10px”,”-moz-border-radius”:”10px”,outline:”none”}).html(p).bind(“contextmenu”,function(c){return false}).show().appendTo(X||document.body).attr

Then change the “.show” to “.hide” and save immediately, i.e. am talking of the ones in RED color.

radius”:”10px”,”-moz-border-radius”:”10px”,outline:”none”}).html(p).bind(“contextmenu”,function(c){return false}).hide().appendTo(X||document.body).attr

After saving, go and open the original image folder   “webimages where you originally copied or dragged the images you used for the slides from.

Make sure that the image folder of the two folders you created are open i.e. folder “webimages” and “webslide” are open.

Now looking at the two image folders, you must have seen the differences between the images in the original image folder and WOW Slide image folder, but if you have not seen the difference yet, then gently look at their respective image names and you will notice the difference between the two i.e they are not having exactly the same name.

Note: not always the names are different but occasionally, so if the names of yours aren’t different, then go straight to refresh or recheck the slide on your browser ELSE continue reading…….

Change the names of the images in the original folder webimages to the names of the images in the wowslide folder “webslide”.

After changing the names, copy the images in the original image folder “webimages” into the wowslide folder webslide” and a prompt asking you to replace the old images will pop up. click on “OK” to overwrite the images.

Now go and view your slide on your browser…..

Wowwww…… was that a magic……Hope you won’t have to pay for license again…Thanks…

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  1. I followed these instructions carefully but it had no effect on the WOW logo or the WOW Slider program. I use WOW Slider free version 8.7. There are several videos on YouTube which describe the same procedure and which claim to ‘crack’ WOW Slider.

    My solution was to use BatchInpaint to remove the WOW Slider watermark from 22 photos. This only took a few seconds – see my website at The slideshow was produced with WOW Slider but there are no WOW Slider watermarks on the photos. Inpaint can also be used but this only removes watermarks from one photo at a time.

  2. It worked. But am wondering why change .show to .hide in notepad. It has no effect on the process, It only blur the pictures i noticed.

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