Things needed to create a simple website
Things needed to create a simple website


Yes!, as someone who is truly interested and willing to do all it takes to become a website designer/developer, there are questions that always comes to the mind of every newbie, and these questions are;

  • Firstly, “What are the necessary things required to create a website?”
  • Now the second question that comes after knowing the answer to the first question is “Are they really available? i.e. you wanting to know if those things required to create a website, whether they are at your reach or not”
  • Finally, the last question is “Now am aware of the things needed and also aware that they are available, then how can I utilize them? i.e. how you can use them to create a good looking and functional website” .

Now all your questions have been asked, i promise to do as much as I can to render a befitting answer to all of them. I will start by answering the first question;

Question One:
What are the necessary things required to create a website?

Listed and briefly explained below are the necessary things required to create a website, which without them, the website design/development won’t be a reality.

Now let’s go…..



We all know that you must have a Personal computer before you ever start thinking of creating a website on your own. This is where you install all the programs necessary for the development of the website, having a personal computer of your own helps you in terms of consistency, you must be consistent in practice in order to excel in website designing/development. See also “The-things-you-need-to-know-before-buying-laptop”


The first tool to consider as a beginner in web designing/development assuming you already have a PC is a CMS program or a website designing software/framework to use. There are many CMS programs/ website designing softwares/framework you can use to create a website, e.g. Dreamweaver, WordPress, Joomla, Bluegriffon and Composer etc. but for the sake of this article, we are going to concentrate fully on creating a website with Adobe Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver is a Content Management System (CMS) program that you can visually use to create and manage any kind of website. Dreamweaver is among “WYSWYG”programs, i.e. it helps us to create and manage our website visually, whatever you apply with dreamweaver is what and how you are going to see it when published.


With the aid of a web host, you can transfer your newly created webpages from your own computer to your root-server that are permanently connected to the internet, therefore making your webpages visible on the internet where every person in the world can see it.

After creating your website with Adobe Dreamweaver, you will now have to decide on the webhosting company you will host your website with and you have to be careful on which web hosting company to choose in order to avoid choosing a webhost that does not suit your need at all. See also “13 major things to consider before choosing a webhost”.

But for those that wants to create and test their website without first choosing/registering with a webhosting company should consider using “Wampserver/Xamp” as the alternative to webhosting, this one you will host your website on your own computer “local server” i.e. you will be able to view your web pages in browser using your own computer. This is for temporal purpose which when you are ready, you will then choose/register with a webhosting company of your choice. See also “How-to-search-buy-and-register-a-domain-name”

Now that we have known the answer to the first question, let’s go over to the second question.

Question Two:
“Are they really available? i.e. you wanting to know if those things required to design/develop a website, whether they are at your reach or not”


Yes they are all available at your own reach; let’s take for instance you already have a working personal computer. All you need to do is to go to the Adobe Dreamweaver official download website at http://www.adobe.com/products/dreamweaver.html (Download here) and download a trial version.

Also to download either Wamp or Xamp Server, please visit http://www.wampserver.com/en/ and https://www.apachefriends.org/download.html to download yours now respectively free of charge.


Finally when i say “The necessary things required to create a website”, I am not talking of only the tools required but also the attitude needed to be a successful web designer.

A potential web designer/developer must be zealous and inquisitive i.e. He or She must be somebody who is willing, passionate and always wanting to know more at all time. This behavior increases the chances of you been a great web designer/developer.

Question Three:

How can I utilize them?


Utilizing these tools i.e. creating a website with these tools is very simple. In the next chapter, we are going to talk on “HOW TO DESIGN A WEBSITE IN DREAMWEAVER” and “HOW TO HOST YOUR WEBSITE LOCALLY USING WAMP/XAMP SERVER


At the end of next chapter, you will be able to create a simple website and put it on the internet, which you can be able to view at anytime using your system web browser.

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