Important Precautions to Take Before Buying a Domain Name

before buying domain name
Precautions to take before buying a domain name

Domain Name Front Running and Dishonest Domain Registrars

What is Domain Name Front Running?

Domain name front running has been existing for a very long time now. This occurs when some persons continuously monitors/registers domain names that is not his/hers. The domain names he/she is always registering is not for his/her own purpose, he/she does this so that the person inquiring the domain wont be able to buy it through domain registrars.

His/her intention is to sell the domain name to the interested person at a very exorbitant price. As we know that if the domain is really your company’s best choice, you will have no other choice than to buy it at that exorbitant price.

Before going to any registrar for a domain, you should make sure that you are very ready to buy the domain there, if not you might end up loosing your favorite domain to another person who will want to sell it to you at a very high prize.

Dishonest Domain Name Registrars

Dishonest domain registrars are those registrars that registers almost every domain name that comes across their database. For instance, if you go to a domain registrar simply to check the availability of a particular domain name, the domain you checked its availability will immediately be registered by them (domain registrar).

The secret behind that action is that they register the said domain so as to sell it at a very high prize to whoever that comes to buy it. This you don’t have any other alternative because even if you go to another registrar to buy the same domain name, they will still tell you that the domain name isn’t available, that it has been bought by another person.

Extra Precautions:

Never you post in a forum asking for people’s opinions on which particular domain is good for your website/blog.

Doing this exposes your favorite domain names to people buying it even before you do, they might not be willing to resell it to you even if you come with thousands of dollars asking for the domain. The reason is because good domain names are hard to get.

A senior friend of mine made this kind of mistake, giving away his nice/hard gotten domain to one of his friends doing the same business.

In order to escape this mistakes, I suggest you buy all the domain names of your choice, and then you can finally make a choice which one will be your favorite, then you are fit to ask the whole world, since you are the owner of all.

For domain registration, you can visit any of the domain name registrars like Godaddy and  (For those registering via Nigerian local banking system <teller>)


how blogging increases website traffic
how blogging increases
website traffic


Clients should always take their time to regularly post on their websites via blogging, this is because more blog posts and new contents steadily boost website traffic.


Some persons find it difficult to take a minimum of 20 minutes to add a new post to their websites, this means that they are not dedicated and don’t value their blog therefore wasting their time, money and other resources.


Consistent adding of post/contents to your blog helps your website to increasing its presence on search engines and it is known that the more your website appear on search engines, the more visitors you get each day. This  thereby increases your websites traffic.

It is not true that your post must be perfect or nearly to perfection before you can post on your blog, bloggers that practices this most times find it difficult to consistently post on their blog. Post on your blog first, then you can edit it later.

Consistency is always the key to blogging, you should just make sure you give out a post a day in order to adhere to that consistency rule.

Although you can still be successful as a blogger even when you post twice in a week, these days according to google, it doesn’t really matter “how many post” but the uniqueness/originality of those posts which can draw original/unique traffic to your site. Also, the SEO rating of the contents etc.


In conclusion, it is better to blog daily with a minimum of one post than posting multi post yet breaking the consistency rule.

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What You Need To Know About Bandwidth Management ?

bandwidth management
bandwidth management

Transmission capacity is utilized to gauge the measure of information that can be exchanged over correspondence lines basically between the client’s PC and the supplier who is giving the administration known as Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Since the introduction of web in general society area this term has turned into an all that much a house hold name. ISPs and individuals that give web access to the clients use different approaches to control how the transmission capacity is controlled. This procedure of controlling is known as data transfer capacity administration. On the off chance that organizations didn’t have no control of how data transfer capacity was controlled then the more individuals who use web will experience moderate association and in the long run the organizations entire system will get congested.

This would in the long run resulting organization not able to give agreeable support of their clients. Thusly Bandwidth Management has essential impact for ISPs and organizations that give the administration to help convey acceptable administration. There are different outsider organizations that offer transmission capacity administration for ISPs and open organizations to help keep their web expenses low.

There are different courses in which data transmission is overseen. One such way is what is known is the data transfer capacity limiter. This procedure is sent by an organization to restrict the measure of information a client can utilize. These are programming both free and business that help organizations convey this for simplicity. A sample of such programming is SoftPerfect, which gives data transmission limiter components, as well as movement shaper which would be clarified in the blink of an eye. This is not to say that data transfer capacity limiter is just useful to enormous organizations or ISP, however it can likewise be useful in private utilization to help keep the expenses of web use low. There are numerous employments of why an organization will utilize transmission capacity limiter for the most part to prevent individuals from utilizing organization assets to do unrestrained downloading of web substance. Another utilization of data transfer capacity limiter is to help organizations give less expensive support of the clients.

Case in point, individuals why should incapable bear the cost of boundless network access, organizations will frequently give a less expensive regularly where the data transmission is constrained. The breaking point the ISPs put on the end clients is what is known as the data transfer capacity limit. Data transfer capacity points of confinement are put on different things by organizations for instance portable organizations for the most part put a transmission capacity limit on the amount of substance individuals can download or view over their cell telephones. There are data transfer capacity limits on the sites. This is the place organizations that host the site put in a certain limit in respect to the amount of activity can a specific site get.

Organizations regularly utilize what is known as movement shaper to help keep their system advanced to give extreme execution. What this strategies means is that every piece of information (known as a parcel) must adjust to a certain standard. It likewise helps organizations control the amount of information enters the system itself at any given time. One illustration how it can help is that it can quit approaching information when heaps of active solicitations are being made for a brief time. One organization that offers such administration is CFOS. Movement shapers assume an essential part in guaranteeing that system is kept enhanced to manage clients demands.

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Memory module (RAM)
symptoms of system faulty RAM


A RAM known as “Random Access Memory” is a form of computer data storage. A RAM device allows data items to be accessed i.e. read and written in almost the same amount of time irrespective of the physical location of data inside the memory.

Without the presence of RAM in a computer system, there won’t be any form of display, all you will see is a blank screen.

Most times we give out a lot of money to computer engineers in order for them to repair our  Computer/Laptops while the problem with our system is what won’t take much cost from us.

For example;  One of my Clients brought a Hp laptop that shows nothing on the screen {Blank Screen} only popping light at the CAPSLOCK key when you press the power button.

This particular symptom most times ( I said most times, not always) have only one remedy, but some engineers for their own selfish benefit will tell you that the problem to your computer system is a Bad screen/Flex thereby suggesting you change the screen and Flex, which will cost you more, some will tell you that your hard-disk has crashed, suggesting you should get a new one and some engineers will even go to the extent of telling you that your Computer Mother-board is the problem to your system not able to display anything only popping light at the CAPSLOCK key.

All this they say are just for their own selfish benefits. The simple remedy I used for my clients HP laptop (Blank Screen) is just by “Changing/cleaning the terminals of the Computer RAM“.


  • Random restarting of your Computer while still working with it.
  • Steady flashing of blue screen before restarting.
  • Depreciation of system performance i.e. slow running of system especially with memory-intensive programs.
  • Steady program installation failure.

Note: always avoid excessive heating of the computer system which can still lead to RAM failure, I advice to change your processor fan if it gets weak/damaged.

The Things You Need to Know Before Buying Laptop

Before buying a laptop
Before buying a laptop

We all know that a laptop is a  very great tool for playing at home and for doing serious works because it is very versatile in running demanding applications and very comfortable to carry with you anytime and anywhere you go.

Laptops have wide range of features, sizes and prices which make people get confused in choosing the best laptops. That is why it is important to figure out the kind of laptop that you are going to have, if it is going to be a touch screen laptop or PC laptop. Below are the things that can help you to choose the right laptop.

things to consider before buying a laptop:

The first thing that you need to do is to find an inexpensive and lightweight laptop. The user-interface often looks a lot like a traditional window that have an application menu and a desktop that have the ability to drag windows around. The main kind of the window that you are going to use is the Chrome browser wherein most of the applications are simple shortcuts in the tools of the web.

Aside from that, you also need to figure out the portability that you need in a laptop. There are a lot of cheap laptops for sale in the market today that offers the best deals that you can choose from. It depends on your preference if you will choose to have 12 inches, 13 inches, 14 inches, 15 inches and 17 inches. Apart from the size, you should also check its touchpad and keyboard. You should also know the specifications of the laptop especially its main components such as CPU, RAM, hard drive, flash cache, solid state drives or SSD, its display, touch screen and its graphic chip and make sure they are upto standard.

It’s now easy:
 Yes! it’s now easy these days to buy a laptop that has a better build quality, with a stronger performance and with a better display. There are a lot of brand manufacturers of laptop today such as Apple, Lenovo, Samsung, ASUS, MSI, Acer and a lot more that offers different kinds of laptop features. Still, it depends upon you on which one you are going to have that can suit perfectly not only in your needs but as well as in your budget. But you should also take note that you should not sacrifice the quality of a laptop for a cheaper price that can only last for a short time. What makes a laptop great isn’t entirely based on technical specs – it also comes down to what suits you best.
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Yahoo Password Hazards and Known Solution with Yahoo Customer Service

Yahoo password hazards and known solutions
Yahoo password hazards and known solutions
Why Yahoo:

Yahoo has been a widely used search engine in the last few years. It has also gained immense popularity due to its easy-to-use and user-friendly free emailing service. Apart from sending or receiving mails, Yahoo is also an ultimate medium to get aware of the international news. You as a user can also collect the relevant information on any other topic which can influence the lives of people in many ways.

Although Yahoo mail has evolved as one of the most trusted and reliable email service clients. Yahoo users have also seen complaining about many complicated issues while operating their Yahoo mail accounts.

The number of those who are struggling with password forgot or password recovery problem is countless. This article caters to the relevant information for such people to help them fix the issue at much ease.

Why people forget their email account details:

The most common reason of forgetting the password is having multiple accounts on different websites. This actually makes difficult for them to remember the password of every account. As a result, these people get confused in remembering the exact password of their account and seek for the instant Yahoo Technical Support Number.

There is also a group of individuals who are not able to remember the password of their account due to not using for a longer time. In this situation, users want to get the immediate solution so that they can access their account shortly and use their important information conveniently.


One of the best solutions for such problem is to recover their password with the help of the Yahoo technicians and get the issue sorted out. When you call gets disconnected with the expert, he/she will hear your problem with an open mind and respond you without any delaying.

You can get the Yahoo contact number while visiting the official webpage of Yahoo. The customer support from the Yahoo team is available round the clock and never disappoints their customers when it comes to serving their needs when they need the assistant urgently. You might not be connected during the working hours due to being busy, however the customer service team will call you back, asks your query and sorts it out quickly.

Third Party Companies Are Available In Good Number

There are many third party Yahoo customer service companies available for offering a wider range of technical support services. Be it your password recovery issue or a problem with your blocked account, with the help of the Yahoo expert, your every problem will be taken care of under the supervision of the best technical team.

Get latest virus off with the best spyware removal program

Get it done with the best virus removal:

Whether you have trusted security software installed or not but it is essential to remove all latest virus that often comes in your computer. Well, there can be various ways that viruses come from such as the internet, one system to another while traveling your useful software.

Actually, the possibilities increase where you need to get several of software utilities in your computer.

But mostly it has seen that using the internet is not safe today. On the other hand, you often go through the internet while checking your various email account, sending data on different location, chatting, downloading of free software, music files, movies and more. Do you know! How every day numerous of new virus knocking the door of internet technology. Even they are easily spreading over there in this case using the internet and that too without any surefire protection in your computer.

The virus removal tool:

The virus removal tool helps to remove all hidden virus from your system. However, the best security products come with real-time blockage of malicious features that often comes in your computer. As a result, regular error, system crash, and freeze, even they finally hack your information and send it to the remote user for their own personal benefits.

Although, for longer use system need to scan with good quality of virus removal tool such that it can easily detect and delete the invisible virus that often installed in your system hard disk. Like virus, that is perilous by it a name. How virus secretly installed in your computer and glean needful information of your and send it to online intruders.

The trusted virus removal tool:

Well, there is no lack of variety of virus such as malware including virus, Trojan, worm and more. The trusted virus removal tool will help you while deleting all suspicious programs. Do you have the best security tool installed in your computer? Possibly no! I will help you to find good quality of security tool for you.

You can get best computer antivirus software either from the internet or you can buy it from the market while paying money. But once you will try to find them on the internet, you will find them for free. Today, how the internet is littered with dozens of free virus removal tool, so it would be possible that you might not be able to choose one best for you.

Akick virus removal program:

Once you will identify the right security software that can ensure for virus-free computing for you round the clock. Well, you can go for Akick virus removal program anywhere anytime to not only keep clean your computer but also protects your online data from the hacking attempt.


Wow Slider: How To Crack Wow Slider Version 8.7, 8.2 And Other Lower Versions.

This is a very precise write-up oh how you can own and remove the Wow Slider” water mark at the bottom of any slide created with this software, on a normal circumstance the water mark cannot be removed until a license fee is paid to The free version of “Wow Slider” used by website designers and developers to beautify their websites by adding image sliding features.

This particular tutorial focuses on how to crack WOW slider version 8.7, 8.2 and other lower versions, Wow Slider” which will be downloaded at

Now we can begin… How To Crack Wow Slider Version 8.7, 8.2 And Other Lower Versions.


Download Wow Slider


Wow Slider” which will be downloaded at, scroll down and click on “DOWNLOAD FREE VERSION” and you will be redirected to another web page asking you to create account with them (see image below).


After your account have been created, a download link will be sent to that particular email you created account with, click on the download link and immediately the download will start.


Install the WOW Slider after download (See images below).C:\Users\ceeceecomputerss\Desktop\examples\wow4.JPG  C:\Users\ceeceecomputerss\Desktop\examples\wow5.JPG

  And follow the instructions to complete the installation.

Launch the installed WOW Slider

Launch the installed WOW Slider program by going to “Start/All Programs/WOW Slider Folder and WOW Slider Installed Application””


Creating a New WOW Slide project for your website/blog

Firstly, create two folders named webimages” and webslide” on your desktop i.e. “webimages” will be the folder where you will paste the original images you are going to use in creating the WOW Slide while “webslide” is the folder that the WOW Slide application will save the finished work in.

To create the new WOW Slide, simply drag and drop the images from “webimages” to the interface of the WOW Slide Application.


Now you will see all the options available on the applications interface, we have the “Properties” adjust option, “Save HTML, Insert to page, Publish options” etc.. Use the “Properties” option to design the slide to your taste

After creating your slide, click on “Save HTML” menu bar located at the top of the WOW interface and save it in webslide” folder located at the desktop(One of the folders we created previously for this project). You can also use “Insert to page” to directly insert it to your website page or just click on “Publish” but for the purpose of this tutorial I suggest we use Save HTML” and immediately you browser will display the slide you created with WOW Slider.

But if you look very well you will see what I circled with red color which will be removed when you buy license from, so the purpose of this tutorial is to remove it without paying a dime.

Now go to the webslide” folder and open another folder named “engine1” and in this very folder, right-click on the file “wowslider” and open it with notepad.

Go to “Edit” menu and click on find, a dialog box will appear, type in “0 0 0 0” without the quotes in the find field and click on “Find Next“. Note: give single space in-between the zero integers.

Then scroll down till you see this line of code

radius”:”10px”,”-moz-border-radius”:”10px”,outline:”none”}).html(p).bind(“contextmenu”,function(c){return false}).show().appendTo(X||document.body).attr

Then change the “.show” to “.hide” and save immediately, i.e. am talking of the ones in RED color.

radius”:”10px”,”-moz-border-radius”:”10px”,outline:”none”}).html(p).bind(“contextmenu”,function(c){return false}).hide().appendTo(X||document.body).attr

After saving, go and open the original image folder   “webimages where you originally copied or dragged the images you used for the slides from.

Make sure that the image folder of the two folders you created are open i.e. folder “webimages” and “webslide” are open.

Now looking at the two image folders, you must have seen the differences between the images in the original image folder and WOW Slide image folder, but if you have not seen the difference yet, then gently look at their respective image names and you will notice the difference between the two i.e they are not having exactly the same name.

Note: not always the names are different but occasionally, so if the names of yours aren’t different, then go straight to refresh or recheck the slide on your browser ELSE continue reading…….

Change the names of the images in the original folder webimages to the names of the images in the wowslide folder “webslide”.

After changing the names, copy the images in the original image folder “webimages” into the wowslide folder webslide” and a prompt asking you to replace the old images will pop up. click on “OK” to overwrite the images.

Now go and view your slide on your browser…..

Wowwww…… was that a magic……Hope you won’t have to pay for license again…Thanks…

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Crack Adobe Dreamweaver
Crack Adobe Dreamweaver

What is Adobe Dreamweaver?

Crack Adobe Dreamweaver:

Before we start cracking our newly installed Adobe Dreamweaver, it will be very necessary for us to know that it  is a is a web design and development application.

The program have a visual design and code surface known as Live View and code editor respectively with standard features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, and code collapsing as well as more sophisticated features such as real-time syntax checking and code introspection for generating code hints to assist the user in writing code.

The current stable version of Adobe Dreamweaver is the Adobe Dreamweaver CC which was released in 16th of June 2015.

Download Adobe Dreamweaver (Trial Version):

To download Adobe Dreamweaver (Trial Version), go to the Adobe Dreamweaver official download website at (Download here)

After you have finished installing the Adobe Dreamweaver(Trial Version), if you launch the application, it will require you to input a registered serial number but before applying the serial number you have to block some adobe website by editing the “host” file.

How do i get to my system host file?

To edit the host file:

  • Go to the Local Disk (C:) (i.e. your OS directory),
  • Double click on the folder “Windows, followed by the folder “System32″
  • Do this to the following folders “drivers \ etc” till you reach at “host” file:
  • Double click or right click to open the “host” file with notepad program
  • Copy and paste the following IP addresses to the host file

open your hosts file from the directory C: \ Windows \ system32 \ drivers \ etc\hosts localhost    localhost

  • After Pasting the addresses above, go the “File” menu and click on “Save”.
  • Now close the notepad editor.

Adobe Dreamweaver Activation Serial Numbers:



1192 1303 1925 5824 2535 3909


Finally launch the  Adobe Dreamweaver (Trial Version) and the activation interface with serial number field will pop up, fill in one of the Adobe Dreamweaver serial numbers above and you are there.

Enjoy Dreamweaver!!! Please don’t forget to share your opinion through the comment box…