Best way on how to increase facebook page likes are very common search terms for Facebook page owners. Most people do surf the internet mostly with the search term Tricks on how to increase a facebook page likeand so many search results will appear rendering so many solutions which some of the solutions will work and some of them won’t work but I promise you that in this tutorial on “Best way on how to increase facebook page likes”, your facebook page like will not only skyrocket but you will also be opportune to render best solutions to others on “Best way on how to increase facebook page likes” So let’s begin.

Below are the procedures on how to increase facebook page likes.

Steady Facebook page update:

This is one of the most important procedures. The reason behind this is that by updating your facebook page steadily, you are using those mediums to creating awareness telling people about your page/business, what you do and so many other information’s about your services. But assuming you are short of reasonable post anytime, I suggest you schedule a post, this in order words keeps your page busy thereby increasing the page “Post Reach” and you know when the post reach of any particular post is much, that will also increase the “Website clicks” thereby resulting to so many page likes at a time.

Find The Most Perfect Time To Share:

Finding the most perfect time to share here means you knowing the time when most people will be online. Sharing any post at a time when many facebook users are online increases the chances of people liking your facebook page immediately you share a post. Take this for example you sharing a post in the evening is likely possible that you will get many page likes than sharing a post in the morning or afternoon, the reason behind this is because people are mostly busy in the morning and afternoon at their offices than evening (Please this is just a mere example, it doesn’t mean that if you post in the morning or afternoon that people are going to like your facebook page). Also make sure you post two or three post a day.

Sharing Something that is always New and Different to increase Facebook Page likes:

Make sure you always try to share and post something that is new and different from previous ones, this will imprint in mind of facebook users that all your post and everything coming from your page is genuine and good which will make them like your page. Sharing something new and different will always attract people and it would easily boost the likes automatically. You could share some snaps and even put some information as your Facebook page status.

Invite Friends To Like Your Page:

Wow this is the simplest way to increase facebook page likes. One of the important steps on how to increase facebook page likes is by inviting your friends/contacts/fans and others to like your page. With this method, it will be like a surprise, your facebook likes will automatically increase

Add Facebook Like Buttons To Your Website/Blog in order to increase facebook page likes:

Adding a facebook like button at any visible part of your website/blog makes it easy for your website users/visitors to like your page. This really makes it easy for your website visitors who finds it hard to like your facebook page by going directly to facebook, try it because it works.

Make Sure You Join Facebook Groups Related To Your Facebook Page:

This is one of the important ways to increase Facebook page likes. You should find Facebook groups related to your page and join it. Remember to join the groups having more than 15k group members. Also ping your Facebook page in those groups. You can even share your Facebook page post to the groups directly. This will also help in increase your facebook page likes.

Extra Tips on increasing Facebook Page Likes:

  • Always share Both Picture and Status
  • Always use High Definition Image for share on Page
  • Always share about latest Interest
  • Make sure you add your Page in your Blog

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Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts
Adobe Photoshop Keyboard ShortcutsAdobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts;

Keyboard shortcuts are simply a way a system user invokes one or more commands using the keyboard that will only be accessible through program menu bars, mouse or other ways that will not be as fast as a keyboard shortcuts.

Hence using Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts makes it possible for its users to give command as fast as possible while using the software.

Below is the list of Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts with their various functions, this will help increase your speed while working with Adobe Photoshop Software.

 Shortcuts For Files:

Ctrl + N                                               New file

Ctrl + O                                               To Open

Alt+Ctrl+O Shift+Ctrl+O       `    To Browse

Alt+Shift+Ctrl+O                            To Open As

Shift+Ctrl+M                                    To Edit Image Ready

Ctrl W                                                 To Close a File in Photoshop

Alt + Ctrl + W                                   To Close All

Shift + Ctrl + W                               To Close and Go to Bridge

Ctrl + S                                                To Save a File in Adobe Photoshop

Shift+Ctrl+S Alt+Ctrl+S              To Save As

Alt+Shift+Ctrl+S                             To Save for Website

Alt+Shift+Ctrl+I                               To see the information of the file

Shift+Ctrl+P                                      To Set Up a page i.e. Page Setup

Alt Ctrl P                                             To Print with preview in Photoshop

Ctrl + P                                                 To Print

Alt Shift Ctrl P                                  To print one copy in Photoshop

Ctrl + Q                                                 To Exit the page

Shortcuts For Photoshop Layers

Shift+Ctrl+N                                       New Layer

Shift+Ctrl+E                                       Merge Visible

Ctrl E                                                      Merge layers

Alt+Ctrl+G                                          Create Clipping Mask

Adobe Photoshop Editing Shortcuts

Ctrl + Z                                                 To Undo/Redo

Shift Ctrl Z                                          To Step Forward

Alt+Ctrl+Z                                          To Step Backward

Shift+Ctrl+F                                       To Fade

Ctrl+X +F2                                          To Cut

Ctrl+C +F3                                          To Copy

Shift+Ctrl+C                                       To Copy Merge

Ctrl+V +F4                                          To Paste

Shift+Ctrl+V                                       To Paste Into

Shift+F5                                               To Fill

Ctrl + T                                                  To free Transform a shape in Photoshop

Shift+Ctrl+T                                       Again

Shift+Ctrl+K                                       Color Settings

Alt Shift Ctrl K                                    To Show Keyboard Shortcuts in Photoshop

Alt+Shift+Ctrl+M                               To Show the Menus

Ctrl + K                                                    General

Ctrl+L                                                       Levels adjustments

Shift+Ctrl+L                                          Auto levels Adjustments

Alt Shift Ctrl + L                                 Auto Contrast Adjustment

Shift+Ctrl+B                                         Auto Color

Ctrl+M                                                     Curves

Ctrl+B                                                      Color balance

Ctrl+U                                                     Hue/Saturation

Shift+Ctrl+U                                        Desaturate

Alt+Ctrl+I                                               Image Size

Shift+Ctrl+N                                        To Create New Layer

Ctrl+J                                                    To create a new layer by copying an existing one

Shift+Ctrl+J                                        To create a new layer by cutting an existing one

Alt+Ctrl+G                                          To Create/Release Clipping Mask

Shift Ctrl G                                         To Ungroup Layers in Photoshop

Shift Ctrl                                             Bring to Front

Ctrl+]                                                    To Bring Forward

Ctrl+[                                                    To Send Backward

Shift+Ctrl+[                                      To Send to back

Ctrl+E                                                  To Merge Layers

Shift Ctrl E                                        Merge Visible

Filter Shortcuts:

Ctrl+F                                                     Last Filter

Alt+Ctrl+X                                          To Extract

Shift+Ctrl+X                                       Liquify

Alt+Shift+Ctrl+X                              Pattern Maker

Alt+Ctrl+V                                          Vanishing Point

Selection Shortcuts :

Ctrl+A                                                    All

Ctrl+D                                                    Deselect

Shift+Ctrl+D                                       Reselect

Shift+Ctrl+I Shift+F7                     Inverse

Alt+Ctrl+A                                          All layers

Alt+Ctrl+D Shift+F6                      Feather

Proof Setup Shortcuts

Ctrl + Y                                                Proof Colors

Shift + Ctrl + Y                                 Gamut Warning

Ctrl++ Ctrl+=                                     Zoom In

Ctrl+-                                                    Zoom Out

Ctrl+0                                                   Fit On Screen

Alt+Ctrl+0                                          Actual Pixels

Ctrl + H                                                 Extras


Shift + Ctr l+ H                                   Target Path

Ctrl+’                                                   Grid

Ctrl+;                                                  Guides

Ctrl+R                                                 Rulers

Shift+Ctrl+;                                      Snap

Alt+Ctrl+;                                           Lock Guides

Alt+F9 + F9                                      Actions

F1                                                        Photoshop Help

F5                                                        Brushes

F6                                                        Color

F7                                                        Layers

F8                                                        Information

F12                                                      To Revert

 Alphabetical Order of Adobe Photoshop Tools Shortcuts (By invoking any shortcuts listed here, you automatically selects the tool)

A                                                          Path Selection Tool, Direct Selection

B                                                          Brush Tool, Pencil Tool and Color Replacement

C                                                          Crop Tool

D                                                          Default Foreground/ Background Colors

E                                                          Eraser , Magic Eraser and Background Eraser Tool

F                                                          Toggle Screen Modes

G                                                         Gradient Tool and Paint Bucket Tool.

H                                                         Hand Tool

I                                                           Eye dropper , Color Sampler, Measure Tool.

J                                                           Spot Healing Brush, Healing Brush, Patch and Red Eye Tool.

K                                                          Slice Tool, Slice Select Tool

L                                                          Lasso, Polygonal Lasso Tool, Magnetic Lasso Tool

M                                                        Rectangular Marque Tool

N                                                         Notes Tool, Audio Annotation Tool

O                                                         Dodge Tool, Burn Tool and Sponge Tool

P                                                          Pen Tool, Free Form Pen Tool

Q                                                         Toggle Standard/Quick Mask Modes

R                                                          Blur Tool, smudge tool, Sharpen Tool.

S                                                          Clone Stamp Tool and Pattern Stamp Tool

T                                                          Horizontal Type Tool, Vertical Type Tool, Horizontal Type Mask Tool, Vertical Type Mask Tool.

U                                                         Rectangle Tool, Rounded Rectangle Tool, Ellipse Tool, Polygon Tool, Line Tool, Custom Shape Tool.

V                                                          Move Tool

W                                                        Magic Wand Tool

X                                                          Switch Foreground/Background Colors

Y                                                          History Brush Tool and Art History Brush

Z                                                          Zoom Tool


You might be wondering why some of the functions of a particular key above are separated with comma, the commas there means they have other sub functions but when the shortcut is invoked, only the first tool which is the default tool will be selected. To select the sub tools, hold shift key and type the shortcut key for that particular tool.

For example;

The Marquee tools are arranged in the sequence “Rectangular Marquee tool, Elliptical Marquee tool, Single Row Marquee tool and Single Column Marquee tool”. To choose any of the Marquee tools, just press the M key to select the default tool which is the “Rectangular Marquee tool” then hold the shift key and press the M key again, you will notice that the second Marquee tool which is the “Elliptical Marquee tool” will be selected as well. So the more you press the M key while holding the shift key, all other sub tools will be selected.

Adobe Photoshop keyboard shortcuts


The Perfect CV
The Perfect CV

These days, it has always been a great pain in the ass for our fresh graduates to secure a job immediately after graduating from any Nigerian University whether Federal University, State University, Polytechnic or College of Education. Continue reading the perfect CV….

Our graduates have suffered greatly seeking for jobs and not even one of the firms will invite them for an interview not to talk of employing them.

The simple question we should ask ourselves is “Why is it that after applying for several jobs online and none of the firms have ever invited me for interview”. This question now brings us to the topic “The Perfect CV (Curriculum Vitae) for your dream job, in this article we are going to render the answer to the question above by providing us with the likely recommended format for our Curriculum Vitae which when any employer sees, will totally be convinced that you are eligible for the job.

Curriculum Vitae:

Curriculum Vitae popularly known by its abbreviation CV is simply a written summary of all your qualifications and experiences which is the first thing an employer seeks from any job seeker. In most cases the tendency of the Job seeker getting the job first depend if his/her CV(Curriculum Vitae) is considered fit for the job, apart from qualifications and experiences, a CV also includes your personal information, your interests, your skills, your achievements and references.

The Two Major Steps Involved In CV Preparation (The Perfect CV):

  1. Firstly, take a sheet of paper and make a list of all your experiences, qualifications, interests and achievements, publications and Presentations, Skills and References.
  2. Finally, begin to put it down in an organized way i.e. in sections (format shown below).

Note: Please know that there is no special set format for a CV, what you need is to make sure it comprises of all the necessary contents required for a standard CV.

Use the format that suits your need or the format required by the company you are interested in.

 All the Steps Involved with Screenshot Examples:Contact Information:

        1. Using Microsoft Word as your word editor, type down your Name, Address; Phone Number and E-mails at the top of the page and make sure that the font size of the name is much greater than the rest of the texts.
        2. Centralize the Name while your address should be listed in a block format on the left side of the paper. Put your phone number and email below your address (see image below).
The Perfect CV
The Perfect CV

Note: addition of other things like Sex, Date of Birth and Nationality are optional but its advantage is that it gives your reviewer an in-depth view of you as a person


This is where you throw more light on your educational qualifications; the listing of your education should be in reverse chronological order.

First start with the university you attended and work your way backwards. List the name of your university, the dates you went there, your major and minor, and your grade point average (GPA)(GPA is optional, you can leave it if not officially required from the firm) (see image below).

The Perfect CV
The Perfect CV


Here you put down your experiences, for any experience make sure you include the title of your position, the name and location of the organization, and finally the dates of employment. Also exactly as you did in “Education”, list all your experiences in reverse chronological order starting with the most recent one.

Note: You must avoid using personal pronouns such as “I” and make sure that verbs are in the correct tense i.e. using past tense for past experiences and present tense for current experiences. Also if the list of your work experience is very long, make sure you only put the ones that is very relevant to the job you are applying (See image below).

The Perfect CV
The Perfect CV

Use this same pattern to highlight other types of experiences. Remember that you must start from your last experience, as you can see from the image above, the first experience there was my National Youth Service Corp which was the last experience I had before writing the CV.

Employment (Optional):

This is where you put your employment information; this is if you have once been employed. Just use the format illustrated below.


  • Job Title, Employer, Dates
    • Responsibilities
  • Job Title, Employer, Dates
    • Responsibilities


In this section, you list the tangible skills you have developed through your experiences. The tangible skills to be included are “Language skills, technical skills and other skills you possess” (see image below).

The Perfect CV
The Perfect CV


Here you will provide a full list of all your published works and presentations which are authored or co-authored by you. You can also put publications that are still under review.

Include the title, co-authors names, place of publications or presentations, and dates similar to a bibliography page. Make sure you provide a complete list of your works (See image below).

The Perfect CV
The Perfect CV:


This is where you will put three or more names of the people you have previously worked with.

They can be in the category of “Your previous employers, Your University Professors, Doctors etc.” The Firm you are seeking for job in is likely to contact these persons you will use as your referees either through email or by calling them asking them things about you in order to really know if you are eligible to be employed.

So I advise you call those people you want to use as your referee letting them know that you want to use them as your referee and also ask them to send their current details to you (Full Name, Place of Work, E-mail Address and Phone Number), this will make them render a good recommendation to the company/firm whenever they contact them (see image below).

The Perfect CV
The Perfect CV

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Camstudio installation, setup and error correction

camstudio installation, setup and error correction
camstudio installation, setup and error correction

CamStudio is a very great software that is used to render a screen casts (records screen and audio activity) videos on a computer in AVI and SWF format. There are also other features like options to highlight the cursor path during a recording session, automatic panning, addition of text comments to videos, addition of time stamp and the ability to record with sound either in voice or speaker.

Download Camstudio:

Just click at the link to download camstudio here


Go to your system download folder and install the downloaded file to your computer system

Configuring the video options:

It is very important to configure the video options, configuring this makes it possible for us to have a very clear and small sized video.

To set up the video options;

  • Go to the Options\Video Options and set the codec to “Infognition ScreenPressor” …if you haven’t downloaded the  “Infognition ScreenPressor” click here to download.
camstudio installation and error correction
camstudio installation and error correction
  • Leave the “Quality” at its default which is “70”
  • In the Set Key Frames field, input “200”
  • In the “Capture  Frames” input “250 while in “Playback Rate field”, input “4”
  • Uncheck the check box “Auto Adjust”.
  • Finally scroll up and left-click on  the “configure tab” and input 200 in the field “Set here” field (see image above).

Region Configuration:

The region is used to define the area and type of video capture, it should be configured before recording.

If you click on the Region menu, you will notice that there a three main regions namely ;

  1. Region
  2. Fixed Region
  3. Window and
  4. Full screen


You directly use the cursor to define a rectangular region on your screen by left click-dragging the left mouse button to capture a non-fixed region.

Fixed Region:

Fixed region is used to capture a fixed-size rectangular region. A dialog allows you to define the size of the region in pixels.

Before the recording starts, you can move the fixed-size region around the screen to determine where you want the input area to be. To cancel recording, you can click the right mouse button. know that If the Fixed Top-Left Corner checkbox is selected, the recording will start immediately when the Record Button is clicked. The Left, Top, Width and Height values of the dialog specifies the screen capture.

Checking the box “Drag Corners to Pan” is used to drag the corners of the recording region with the mouse during recording.


captures any part of the window you left-click with your mouse.


It captures the entire screen.

Solving the error “WaveoutGetSelectControl() failed”.

Correcting camstudio error
Correcting camstudio error
  • First select “Sound” from the control panel.
  • Select the recording tab.
  • Right click on the background of the tab and choose “show disabled devices”.
  • Right click on Stereo Mix and click enable.
  • Make Stereo Mix as your Standard
  • Now it should work, allowing you to record any sound your computer makes.
  • Start Cam Studio
  • Go to Options\ Audio Options for Speaker
  • Choose at Soundcard Device “Stereomix”
  • Go to Options and enable “Record audio from speakers”
  • After that I still got the error message but I ignored it at this time and It worked !!!
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As I said in my previous post titled “Brief Explanation Of The Major Terminologies Used In Website Designing”, a domain name is nothing but an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority control within the internet. Example of a domain name: , this is my own domain name, that means whenever you click or insert the address in a browsers address field, it will directly take you to my website homepage where you will know more about me and my business, so whenever you hear of a domain name, just know that it is just that name/address you use to identify yourself or your business online (Website).

In this very article, I promise not to waste much of our time but to deal directly with topic we are faced with here.

So since you have known what a domain name is, the next question that might be running through your mind while looking at the very topic we have on ground is How can I search for a domain name, okay just calm down and read on, all the questions running through your mind are all going to be answered in the next few paragraphs.

Now let’s start with the first question;

 How can I search for a domain name? 

As you can see I used “How can I search” instead of “How can I get a domain name, this is because you don’t just get your preferred domain name at anytime you wish, since there is internet and you are not the only one that wishes to own a website, after all the article you are reading now has its own domain name. Swhat I am trying to say is that you first have to search on a domain name registrar  website your preferred domain name to see if it is available or not, assuming it  is  available, it will be written “Available” with price tag, if not, it will also be written “Not available.

Now let’s say that your preferred domain name “” is not available e.g. (see image below).


The domain name registrar I am using for this particular site which I also used to show the above image example is “ and I think their services are okay; their uptime for me is around 99% which means that it has a very negligible downtime.

Please forgive me if I have taken much of your time talking about the above registrar, all the explanations are just for better understanding not for advertisement, after all  they paid me no dime.

So now that your preferred domain name isn’t available for registration, the next thing is for you to do some modifications to the domain name by adding a hyphen, rephrasing, rearranging or by totally using a different domain name. Now if I add a hyphen to it at any position, it will surely make a change but who knows the one that will be available….Okay let’s see!!

Now adding a hyphen after “my” yet it’s still not available which means that somebody owns this great sites or any domain name that isn’t available. I even went ahead to change the domain name to my “mydomain-name”, yet not available

Lastly I changed it to mydo-mainname” wow!! Available but looking at the domain name, you will see that it isn’t giving the exact information we wanted. Your domain name represents your business, it can simply be your business name, but if that your business name isn’t available, then you look for another domain name that is still fit to represent your businessOkay let’s not waste much time and try to get an available domain name. 

Rearranging it won’t work, e.g. rearranging it to “namedomane” or “manedoname” isn’t the right way to go, this is because the domain names aren’t related to a suppose website with domain name “mydomainname”.

Now the best alternatives left are;

  • Entirely using another domain name that is still related to your website or business name.

  • By changing the domain name extensions. E.g. “.com, .net, .tv, .ng,, .solutions” etc.

Entirely Using Another Domain Name:

As you can see I changed the domain name and fortunately it was available for purchase.

By Changing the Domain Name Extension.

Looking at the image above, you can see that we still achieved the originally intended domain name “mydomainname” with a different domain name extensions (.ng and .solutions). So if really you must use your originally intended domain name, then be ready to use any domain name extension available.



  • Avoid domain names that are too long, preferably use short or abbreviated domain names, the reason behind it is that short or abbreviated domain names are easier to be remembered than long or unorganized domain name. But it isn’t bad to use long ones if you must.

Example of long, short and abbreviated domain names.

a. Long Domain name:

b. Short Domain name:

c. Abbreviated Domain name:, this is just the abbreviation of the long domain name above. The abbreviation must be meaningful.

  • Purchase a domain name immediately the domain search result tells you that it is available. The reason behind this is that some fake domain name registrars tends to purchase any domain name that seems very useful to an individual or a company, then after when you will need it, they will now come and sell it to you at a very dubious/costly price, and so many other reasons.

  • Don’t share your proposed domain name on any social media platform or forums asking suggestions to know if it is okay for your business, you might lose it when someone in the same business as yours sees it nice and sharp. Rather ask for their own opinion and suggestions regarding to the kind of business you do.

  • For beginners that needs a website for maybe learning, blogging, website designing/developing, I suggest you go for annual domain names registration with shared web-hosting instead of monthly subscriptions, it is cheaper/affordable.

For more suggestions/precautions visit or forward your questions to


Now that you have gotten your preferred domain name, the next thing you have to do is to purchase the domain name by clicking on the ”ORDER NOW, but before you do that, you must be a registered member of the registrar’s website. 

To be a registered member, you need to signup i.e. create an account with the domain registrar and to achieve that;

  • Go to sign up/register

  • Carefully fill in the form provided and proceed to payment page.

  • You can pay with any payment option/medium of your choice, i.e. through Voguepay, PayPal with your debit card which can be Verve, MasterCard or Visa etc.

  • For more suggestions/precautions visit or forward your questions to