Best Font For Your Website/Blog

Choose the best font for websites
Best font for websites

The font you use on your website/blog matters a lot, it can affect  you positively or negatively. Most times you design your website/blog with certain fonts that looks so great on your website but when  your audience views the same website/blog, he/she sees something different from what you originally designed. This is simply because the font you used on your website/blog is not present in the viewers computer system/browser. Whenever the preferred font you used isn’t present on the viewers computer system/web browser, the viewers Web browser attempts to use the next font in the list (If you used more than one font i.e “Font Family”). If none of the fonts specified are found, the viewers browser displays its default font.

How Do You Know if the font you used on your website/blog is present in the viewers computer system/browser ?

Though not all fonts are available on every one’s computer system/browser but there are few fonts that are likely to be available on almost every computer system, and this fonts are called “Web Safe Fonts”.

What are “Web Safe Fonts” ?

Web Safe Fonts are the fonts that are likely to be present on a wide range of computer systems/browsers that are used by web content authors to increase the likelihood that content displays in their chosen font. So as a newbie in web-development, it will be safer to start with the Web Safe Fonts.

Ten (10) Web Safe Fonts

  • Lucida Sans
  • Arial/Helvetica
  • Tahoma
  • Times New Roman
  • Courier New
  • Verdana
  • Microsoft Sans Serif
  • Trebuchet Ms
  • Georgia
  • Comic Sans Ms

Like i said earlier, this fonts are likely to be present on a wide range of computer systems/browsers. So with any of the fonts above, your website/blog  retains its original font on almost all devices and browsers. In-case none of this fonts suits your website, i advice you to use Google Web Fonts on your website, also with google fonts, your website/blog fonts will appear on every website/blog exactly as when you designed it. If you are a newbie and you don’t know how to use Google Web Fonts.

Check this outA to Z on how to use google fonts on your website.

Choosing Font Size:

Generally, people believe that font-size of 16 pixel is ideal to be used on websites. Personally, I prefer using font size of 14 pixel, but if your website/blog is specifically meant for a target audience of individuals with reading issues, then it will be better you use font size range of 15px – 18px.

Another thing is if as a newbie, you still not sure if 14px or 16px is the right font size for your website. I suggest you visit other websites on the internet, go through their pages by viewing it both on desktop and on mobile, if you encounter any page that you like reading from, then that is the right page with the right font/font-size to choose. Imitate that particular website by using the exact font/font-size. If you don’t know how to detect the right font/font-size used on other website pages, check this out; How to detect font and font-size used on other website pages.

Note: You have to be aware that different fonts with the same font-size may look differently (In sizes) on different devices.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to share your own view on the best font and font size for websites….