Website Traffic; Boost it Now!!

It is true that no one is an island of knowledge but the knowledge you get from your past experiences matters a lot in your life. From the experiences i gained while managing my first website, I present to you some great tips that will help you be that successful blogger you have always wanted to be.

What is going to be my benefit at the end of this article?

Yesoo! today is going to be a  day never to forget because at the end of this article, you are going to be a potential blogger with over 10,000 visitors monthly, this is only if you are going to apply at-least 80% of what you are going to learn from this article.

What is our topic for today?

You should have known our topic for today!, well i bring to you 10 PERFECT STEPS TO BOOST YOUR WEBSITE TRAFFIC FOR FREE.

Before we continue, you should first ask yourself this question “What Is Website Traffic ? “, this is because for the sake of newbies reading this now, it is eminent for you to know firstly what a website traffic is before knowing how to boost it.

Website Traffic:

According to Wikipedia, a website traffic is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website. Therefore a website traffic is determined by the number of visitors and the number of pages visited.

In Layman understanding, we can say that a website traffic is the amount of visitors received by a website, which will lead us to say that our topic today is simply the “10 perfect steps to attract more visitors to your website”.

So what are those 10 perfect steps to take ?


Today, many businesses/companies are present online through their websites, yet none of their customers have noticed their online presence except those working with them. It is not all about having a website that makes people know that you are there rather it is all about reaching out to them, so, the question that comes next is “How do you reach out to them ?”.

The easiest and simplest way to reach out to your customers is through your “Blog“, For example, if you have a company that deals with sales of electronics and you have a website, your website is not enough to reach out to all your customers, you also need a blog where you can guide them on how to use your products, either through “How to articles” or “How to videos” posted on your blog.

Through the blog you also communicate more with your customers to know more of their problems and what they really want from your products, also through your blog you inform your customers on the latest improvements on your products.

By keeping them informed always, they in-return will be visiting your blog always in seek of the latest info thereby boosting your website traffic.

Note: It is necessary to always keep the consistency rule in blogging.

Write Quality Contents:

In order to achieve higher page rank in search engines thereby improving your website traffic, you must always post good and original content on your website/blog. Don’t just go to the internet to copy and paste another person’s article on your website, that will only bring nothing but penalties for you. Even if you want to write on a topic someone has written before, you can take the person’s article as a guide/reference rather than using it verbatim. Rephrase each line of the article, surf the internet and add new ideas to the article and remove unnecessary ones, make the article more valuable and original. then you can be proud to call it your own article.

Also you have to put in mind is that your articles must have “very catchy titles“, let the title attract new visitors to your website/blog and mind you that the titles must correspond to the article.

Another important tip here is that you must arrange your posts with heading and sub-headings, the H1 tag i.e

for the title heading while the h2,h3,h4,h5,h6 for the rest of subheadings (this improves your website SEO).


Finally let your content always encourage visitors to linger on the site, viewing many pages in a visit thereby boosting your website traffic.

Share Your Articles/Posts On Social Media Sites:

Today we have  lots of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. These websites have high traffic and your work is to channel those traffic to your site by posting your newly published articles on those social media sites, these will help you reach lots of audience that will in-return visit your website thereby boosting your website traffic. But before you post on those sites, you must first create an account with them.

The next tip under this sub-topic is that you must find the perfect time to share on the social media sites i.e don’t share your post when you know that most of your friends on those social media platform aren’t around, always share when they are around so that they can click and visit at once.

Paid Advertising:

One example of paid advertising is PPC (Pay Per Click) also known as CPC (Cost Per Click),  it is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a website owner or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked.

Websites that offer PPC are;

  1. Google (Google Adword)
  2. Microsoft Bing Ads
  3. Facebook Ads and
  4. Twitter Ads etc.

Note: This is not a mandatory step to take in other to boost your website traffic though it is effective, but if you have the money, then i suggest you go for it by clicking directly on the above links.

Placement Of Site In Search Engine:

By manually adding your site to site engines, it makes it possible for your website/blog to appear in several search engines showing off its catchy titles, thereby reaching out to lots of people that will visit your website/blog. Click on the link to place your site/blog in several search engines Click Here” to submit your website/blog to upto ten (10) search engines.

Non Internet Based Advertising:

Everything is not internet, internet cannot do everything for you. if you are marketing your content or you want people to visit your website so as to improve your website/blog traffic, and for them to see and buy your products, then you also have to advertise through other means like;

  • Sharing of your business fliers with your website/blog URL printed on it.
  • Face to face advertisement
  • Give out your complementary cards
  • Tell your friends to inform others and finally
  • Help and solve other people’s problems and advice to contact you via your website/blog.

 Great SEO:

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is nowadays more important than ever. Search Engine Optimization is a set of rules that is to be followed by website/blog owners in order to optimize their websites for search engine thereby increasing the quality of their websites by making them user friendly, faster and easier to  navigate.

SEO improves website’s search engine ranking and also website traffic.

Note: if two websites are selling the same product, the search engine optimized website/blog is likely to get more customers than the site with no SEO, Good SEO always goes with good content.

Comment On Other Blogs:

Always make sure you leave thoughtful comments on other people’s  blogs (with your website/blog URL under the comments), the more you do this, the more you help solve other people’s problems. I bet you nobody will tell them to visit your site yet they will be flooding your website with the mindset of receiving more solutions to their problems.

Organize Seminars:

When i say “Organize Seminars”, it isn’t mandatory if you don’t have the strength, courage and finance to do it, but i must tell you that the effect, i mean! how your web traffic will boost is going to be like magic to you, so i suggest you go for it if you must boost your website traffic in a miraculous way.

Organizing Seminars is not just gathering individuals, teach them one or two things and in return ask them to visit your site. You must teach, train and practicalize on the few topics, even if is only one topic. i tell you, provided you treated them well and they grabbed some skills from your seminar, no one will even tell them to visit your site/blog, they will be the ones asking for your website and email address.

Okay, assuming you had about 200 persons around during the seminar and eventually only 100 chooses to visit your website/blog. My dear, that 100 persons will continue to visit your site provided you keep updating your blog with informative posts.

Finally, be the Promo Type:

Yes!, if you want your visitors to keep visiting your site everyday, then you must be the promo type of man or woman. For example, let them know that any purchase they make on your site comes with an extra reward which can simply be in form of “Free E-book” of very interesting topics.

I believe there are still a lot of inspiring tips that will help attract more visitors to our websites, but i promise you only if you will apply 80% of this ones, then you are definitely going to experience the miraculous traffic invasion.

Also, fell free to share your own idea through the comment box below. Thanks for empowering yourself.